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Breast implant inTurkey: Types, Durability, Safety, and Side effects.
last update date : 2022-09-01

What is breast implant in Turkey? For different reasons, many patients need to enlarge their breasts through specialized fillers in a procedure called breast implant or breast augmentation. This article focuses on this aesthetic procedure with its main types.

Table of Contents: 

Why Breast Implants?

The candidates for breast implant surgery may include: 

● Patients with breast malformations or asymmetry. 

● Patients with reconstructive purposes who lost breast tissues due to different diseases or medical procedures such as cancer and mastectomy. 

● Candidates who lost breast volume due to severe weight loss, pregnancy, and breastfeeding. 

● Increasing the size and having fuller breasts is another cosmetic reason to have breast implant surgery. 

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Types Of Breast Implants: 

Breast augmentation can be performed either through the transfer of fat from an area of your body or, more commonly, through surgically inserting breast implants. Breast augmentation includes the insertion of breast implants that can be:

1. Saline: 

Saline is sterile salt water that is biocompatible and can be used safely inside the body for many medical purposes. In a breast implant procedure, the desired amount of saline can be injected to meet the cosmetic expectations of the patient. The saline breast implant can resolve breast asymmetry, but it has a much firm texture in comparison to the other type. 

2. Silicone: 

Silicone gel became the most common breast implant recently as it shows a more natural appearance and texture. Although it is safe inside the silicone shell it may cause medical problems in the case of implant leakage. As a result, once the patient has a silicone breast implant, an annually routine check of the implant is needed. 

Breast implantWhat Breast Implant Is Best? 

Both implants have privileges that make them more suitable for some cases than others. In terms of the shape and longevity of the implant, silicone gel introduces a natural breast tissue-like appearance for relatively a prolonged period. Also, It has less possibility to fold which keeps symmetrical and smooth consistency.  

How Long Do Breast Implants Last?

As with any other aesthetic procedure, breast implants tend to last for many years but they may need to be replaced or corrected after a while. In case of breast implant illness, the patient may be required to undergo surgeries such as breast implant removal.

Is Breast Implant Safe?

The breast implant is operated usually under general anesthesia, thus the patient does not experience pain during the procedure. With the periodic follow-up and care routine, breast implants are considered safe procedures. Nevertheless, several side effects can result after the surgery particularly rupturing and leaking. If leaking happens to the saline implants, saline can be absorbed safely by the tissues. In the case of silicone implants leaking may cause inflammatory symptoms, sometimes rupturing may occur with no symptoms.

Breast Implant Side Effects: 

Breast implants have many side effects that can include: 

1. Pain in the region of the surgery. 

2. Scarring and wrinkling of the skin. 

3. Infection and bleeding after the procedure. 

4. Hardening and abnormal sensation of the breast. 

5. Implant rupture and leakage. 

6. Asymmetrical implant size or shape. 

7. Breast implant illness. 

8. Unsatisfied breast augmentation results. 

breast implant surgery

Are breast implants painful?

Breast implant surgery is done under general anesthesia, which means that the patient will not experience pain during the procedure. Different levels of pain can be experienced after the surgery depending on different factors such as the type and size of the implant.

Breast Implant Illness: 

Breast illness is the signs and symptoms that occur in people with a breast implant. These symptoms can be restricted to the area surrounding the implant. In such a case the patient will suffer from : 

● swelling and pain in the region after the insertion of the implant. 

● Fluid collection and redness around the implant

● Thick scars around the breast lead to mishaps.  

In other cases signs of implant illness can spread through the lymphatic system and cause: 

● Fever

● Discharges

● General fatigue

● Pain in muscles and bones

● Dryness in mouth and eyes

If any of the above symptoms are experienced, the patient must visit the doctor urgently to treat the complications and correct the implant in order to avoid the chronic inflammatory condition.

Can Breast Implant Infection Be Cured?

Breast implant complications can be treated on a symptom by symptom basis. A thorough diagnosis and treatment plan is the first step to ensuring comprehension and control of the case. For infection symptoms, antibiotics can be described by the doctor. Some signs do not respond to the medicine, if that is the case breast implant removal is needed. Removing silicone implants, for example, has shown noticeable improvement in systemic signs. After breast implant removal medical follow-up is needed.


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