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Mini Facelift in Turkey: procedure, candidates, recovery, cost and more
last update date : 2022-10-10

What is Mini Facelift in Turkey? The ability of the skin to produce the fibers of elastin and collagen decreases over time. These fibers are important to maintain the vitality and viability of the skin. As a result, the aging process causes skin accumulation and sagging especially in delicate areas such as the face. To remove this sagging skin and keep a younger and smoother look, many patients tend to undergo different types of facelift procedures. This article discusses mini facelift surgery as an invasive cosmetic procedure to tighten facial tissues.  

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What is a mini facelift? 

A facelift surgery includes removing excess and tightening facial tissues to get rid of wrinkles and sagging skin through surgical flaps. While a mini facelift procedure would be a modified operation that targets to lift the lower part of the face through small surgical incisions. Thus a mini facelift surgery is a cosmetic correction of the area around the jawline and cheeks. To have more prominent aesthetic results, a procedure of eye and brow lifts can be done accompanied by a mini facelift procedure.

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How much does a mini facelift cost inTurkey?

The cost of a mini facelift procedure would vary according to the location of the procedure, the experience of care providers, the required medical care through and after the surgery, and the health condition of the patient. Generally, a mini facelift price in Turkey can be considered the most suitable in comparison to the European or American countries. A mini facelift cost in Turkey starts from 2000$ and can go up to more than 5000$ for some cases. Additional costs for further medical care can be required.

Mini Facelift in Turkey 2023

Who should get a mini facelift? 

  • The proper candidate for a mini facelift procedure may have the following specifications: 
  • Patients who suffer from wrinkles, sagging skin, or excess fatty tissues in the area from the sides of the nose to the mouth corner. 
  • Patients with aging deep skin folds and sagging appearance of the cheeks, lower jaw line, and the neck -if it is included in the procedure-. 
  • Patients with a suitable medical condition that will not negatively affect the surgery or the recovery period. 
  • Patients who have daily healthy habits that can accelerate the healing process and avoid complications.

How does a mini facelift work? 

When the anesthesia takes effect, the doctor will start to make the preplanned incisions in the area of the hairline and around the ears. 
After making the incision the surgeon will start to pull the tissue up and remove excess tissues to correct the sagging skin.  
After reaching the desired results, the specialized will close the incisions with a proper suturing technique to avoid mini facelift scars. 

Does a mini facelift require general anesthesia? 

Although the procedure is called a mini facelift, it is still a surgery that includes invasive incisions in the face. As a result, a mini facelift surgery needs anesthesia. The anesthetic protocol either local or general can be determined according to the medical condition of the patient and the nature of the accompanying procedures.

Mini facelift recovery:

The healing period after a mini facelift procedure normally takes several weeks to months after the surgery. Sticking to the medical instructions will help accelerate the recovery time and avoid post-surgery symptoms. These instructions include: 
Take rest in the first two weeks after the surgery and avoid any strenuous activities. 
Pain, discomfort, and swelling are common signs after the surgery that decrease gradually. Using the prescribed painkillers would help at this stage. 
In some cases, the doctor would ask to use dressings and drains, So, avoid removing them without counseling. 
Some tips that can improve the results of the surgery such as avoiding excessive sun exposure, continually moisturizing the area of the procedure, following a balanced diet, and drinking plenty of water. 
The results of the surgery can take months to appear completely. The expectations about the results have to be realistic. Patients who are not satisfied with the results can do another surgery after healing.

Mini facelift vs full facelift:

As mentioned above the mini facelift procedure focuses mainly on pulling the tissues of the lower third of the face from the sides of the nose to the corner of the mouth with the lower jawline. While the full facelift operation affects the other thirds of the face beside the mini facelift area. The full facelift can be done through a surgical flap rather than incisions, so, patients who desire a less invasive procedure tend more to do a mini facelift.

Mini Facelift in Turkey 2023

Mini facelift vs nonsurgical procedures:

face cosmetic techniques can be divided into surgical and non-surgical procedures. The surgical options include invasion of the tissue such as a full and mini facelift. The non-surgical procedures include face injections with botox and fillers. The main issues to consider regarding the two techniques are: 

  • Weigh the side effects of both procedures before deciding, on the probability of infection, bleeding, toxicity, and scaring. 
  • The need for a specialized and medically trained team for invasive surgical procedures. 
  • The health condition of the patient is an important factor to determine the suitable technique. For patients with systemic medical conditions, non-surgical procedures could be a safer choice. 


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