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Emax veneers in Turkey: pros and cons, durability, appearance and cost
last update date : 2022-10-24

As a revolutionary aesthetic choice, Emax veneers in Turkey are the updated dental treatment to reach a perfect and shiny smile. This article illustrates the main features of the Emax veneers in Turkey and their prominent pros and cons.  

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What are the Emax veneers? 

The veneer is a layer of dental material that can be applied over tooth surfaces to improve the appearance and strengthen the minimally damaged tooth. The veneers can be fabricated out of many materials. Porcelain, zircon, and ceramics are the common choices for dental veneers. Emax veneers are considered to be ceramic veneers that constitute homogenous lithium disilicate that provide the veneers its distinguished transparency and a natural looking. What makes Emax veneers an outstanding choice in dental treatment is the rare combination of aesthetic performance with durable mechanical strength and high fracture toughness.

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Emax veneers pros and cons: 

Every dental prosthetic that considers a synthetic alternative to natural tooth structures has its inherited advantages and disadvantages. Although Emax veneers are not an exception, the pros of having Emax veneers outweigh the cons compared to other dental treatment materials. The main

Advantages of Emax veneers are:  


The Emax veneers are characterized by high light transparency that contributed to making such veneers close to the natural tooth appearance. 
In other dental alternatives, metal or zircons were used to add strength to the restoration which negatively affects the aesthetic looks and can cause allergies. On the other hand, Emax veneers do not contain any metal substructure which makes them the safest cosmetic choice. 


recent research shows that Emax veneers are the least to cause gingival irritation as the ceramic consider inert material that is compatible with the oral tissues. 
The smooth texture of Emax veneers makes it difficult for plaque to be accumulated on the surfaces. This characteristic decreases significantly the possibility of caries and gingival inflammation. 
The Emax veneers can be supplied in a wide range of colors and shades which gives the patient the best match with natural tooth color. 

Emax veneers in Turkey 2023

The main disadvantage of the Emax veneers is the relatively high cost compared to other dental treatment choices besides the need for an experienced dentist to be applied correctly. 

How long do Emax veneers last?

The durability of any dental treatment depends highly on the experience of the dentist and the dental hygiene of the patient. For Emax veneers, the predictable life span can reach up to 15 years if applied by a specialist with a high dental care routine. The precautions to be followed to protect the natural teeth can be the same for Emax veneers. Avoiding breaking hard things or bruxism would prolong the lifespan of the veneers. An annual dental check is also required to adjust any problem and maintain the results. 

Which is better, Emax or Zirconia veneers?

The comparison between the different veneers material is a common issue for both dentists and patients. Emax veneers vs zirconia could be a dilemma for patients with mechanical strength concerns. Although both types of veneers can be used in producing Hollywood smiles, for the aesthetic area like the Anterior teeth Emax veneers are preferable. This is due to the fact that Emax veneer preparation for teeth is less than that needed for zirconia. This makes the light transmission closer to the natural teeth. While zirconia veneers can be used more in the posterior areas or with patients who suffer from bruxism as it shows high mechanical strength and long durability. 

Which is better, Emax or porcelain veneers?

Emax veneers vs porcelain is another crucial discussion in the dental field. Due to the low strength of the porcelain, it can have a metal substructure. This metal background negatively affects the aesthetic appearance. The light transparency of the metal is a way different from the natural tooth structure. Which causes an opaque appearance of the veneers that reflects on the gingival tissues also. Therefore, porcelain veneers can be used in the posterior teeth but ni=ot recommended in the aesthetic area. 

Are Emax veneers worth it?

The aesthetic privileges of Emax veneers are not the only characteristic that distinguishes these prosthetics. High adhesion rate, fewer side effects, and biological characteristics in oral tissues make it one of the most safe, durable and worthy experiences for any patient with aesthetic concerns. 

Do Emax veneers look natural?

Regarding the color, Emax veneers provide a variable range of colors and shades which makes the patient and the dentist more able to select the shade that better fits with the natural tooth color. For other material characteristics, Emax veneers are known to have transparency and light transmission with a close resemblance to the natural tooth structure. Accordingly, Emax veneers consider providing the most naturalistic choice among synthetic dental alternatives. with a precise selection of colors and daily dental care, it will be hard to differentiate between natural tooth structure and Emax veneers. 

Can Emax veneers stain?

Emax veneers can be a perfect solution for patients who are suffering from intrinsic dental stains. Regarding extrinsic stains, the smooth texture of the veneers makes it hard for any diet residents to accumulate which decreases any possibility of veneer staining. In the case of any color changes in the veneers, you can visit your doctor for a polishing session. 

How do I look after my veneer Emax?

After cementing the veneers over the tooth structure you can enjoy a shiny, smooth, and white smile. Emax veneers contribute widely in improving the aesthetic look of the teeth. Any malformation, structure deficiency, or stains can be treated through Emax veneers. Nevertheless, maintaining the results needs a daily dental care routine that involves tooth brushing, using a suitable mouthwash and regular dental check up. 

emax veneers turkey 2023

How much do Emax veneers cost in Turkey?

As mentioned before, the Emax veneers price could be one of the cons of such amazing restorations. The high cost of Emax veneers can result from the advanced technologies that will be needed in fabrication, the high level of accuracy and experience of the dental care provider, in addition to being a relatively new treatment choice in dentistry. Nevertheless, Emax veneers cost in Turkey are considered the most suitable compared to other countries. Long -lasting, compatible, and safe Emax veneers are a cost-efficient treatment in Turkey. 


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