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Non-surgical butt lift: butt injections, side effects, and cost in Turkey
last update date : 2023-07-31

What is Non-surgical butt lift? Buttocks lift procedures are becoming a popular cosmetic needed to restore a perfect look to the sagging skin and tissues in the butt area. Those procedures could be done either by surgical interventions, or non-surgical injections that will be discussed thoroughly in this article.

Table of contents: 

What is a butt lift without surgery?

As a consequence of the aging process, many patients may suffer from loss of firmness and fullness of the buttocks. Thus, they tend to do different procedures of butt lifts to restore their youthful shape. These procedures could include surgical operations, but in some cases, non-surgical injections could be a safer and more appropriate procedure to use. In butt lifts without surgery, the patient will receive safe injections that act as a filler to the needed area. In this method, the patient can do buttock lift without fat transfer from other parts of the body.

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FDA-approved buttock injections

There are mainly two types of butt lift injections that have been approved by the FDA as safe and efficient materials which include fat transfer or dermal fillers. The type of injection used depends highly on the medical condition of the patient, the desired outcome besides the preferences of the medical staff. Fat transfers can still be a surgical procedure while dermal fillers are completely non-surgical, thus it is the safest choice among butt lift procedures.

Non-surgical butt lift

Non-surgical butt lift side effects: 

As with other cosmetic interventions non-surgical butt lifts can involve some flaws which can vary according to the type of injection used as follows: 

  1. Dermal fillers drawbacks: 

  • pain and soreness 
  • unsetting filler 
  • dissolved filler 
  • the need for redo 
  • insufficient lift outcomes
  1. Fat transfers drawbacks: 

  • more serious risks due to the surgical intervention
  • scarring 
  • pain 
  • infection
  • fat embolism 
  • fever and nausea

Is non-surgical butt lift dangerous?

The safety of the medical procedure is related to the experience and specialization of the team supervising the case. Non-surgical butt lift is considered to be the safest technique especially if it includes dermal fillers. As the main risks do not exceed moderate pain and infection. Unlike, fat transfers that can include more serious risks. Nevertheless, it is still safer than Brazilian butt lifts and butt augmentations. With the safety of non-surgical procedures comes a short healing period and more convenience. But on the other hand, The results can be more temporary and less than expected.

Non-surgical butt lift

Non-surgical butt lift cost in Turkey

The cost of the non-surgical butt lift can vary according to: 

  • The country you choose to do it in. 
  • The clinic or hospital. 
  • The experience of the medical staff. 
  • The additional services. 
  • A period of recovery is needed. 
  • The type of technique and the needed vials. 

Generally speaking, the non-surgical butt lift expenses are way less than the surgical ones. As no anesthesia is needed and the healing period requires minimal downtime. The cost of non-surgical butt lift in Turkey is around $1500-$2500, fat transfers cost more than that.


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