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last update date : 2020-01-16

Cosmetic operations expanded significantly in Turkey, until Turkey became the destination of the first person looking for one of the different types of plastic surgery, due to their qualifications that have made it the first choice without other countries, like; it contains many approved cosmetic centers, those with a huge medical staff specialized in aesthetic medicine, in addition to the competitive prices offered by cosmetic centers in Turkey.

Types of cosmetic surgery in Turkey

There are many plastic surgery operations in Turkey, some of which are surgical and others have gone without surgery, based on certain modern technologies. Here is a group of the most important plastic surgery operations deployed in Turkey:

● Liposuction

The liposuction process is one of the most popular plastic surgeries among many people because it is a non-surgical cosmetic process, which depends on the latest technology in the world, which is the Pfizer technique, where the fluid is injected into the area from which you want to remove the fat, then the doctor dissolves the hardened fat under the skin using the Pfizer technique, until it is aspirated using a cannula. Fat is extracted from many areas of the body, such as the abdomen and waist, the buttocks area, and the arms area.


Many aspire to have the consistency of a flat, flat stomach, so the tummy tuck comes second in the list of the most common plastic surgeries in Turkey, as it is considered a surgery, but simple and completely safe, used by a large number of people, where it depends on the Abdominal Six Muscles fitness.

● Elimination of gynecomastia in men

The problem of gynecomastia is one of the biggest life problems to which a man is exposed during one of his life periods, which causes great discomfort, so that most men resort to the process of elimination of gynecomastia, and it is considered one of the most common plastic surgeries in Turkey for men.

Gynecomastia is removed by one of the following methods:

1. Liposuction: The doctor removes the fatty tissue under the breast, using the Pfizer technique.

2. Surgical removal: the doctor removes fatty and fatty tissue from the breast, depending on the scope.

The doctor determines the method that is most suitable for a man, depending on the state of gynecomastia from which the man suffers. The cost of the gynecomastia elimination process for men starts from 3000 USD, and the final cost is determined according to the condition of the person.

Buttocks beautification

Getting the perfect body is one of the most important things that many people aspire to, but some women suffer from small buttocks, while others suffer from large stature, so they resort to plastic surgery. of the ass, that which aims to reshape the back, in terms of: tightening Relaxation or lifting of the buttocks, in order to obtain a shape conforming to the shape of the body.

1. Enlargement of the buttocks: Two methods of enlargement of the buttocks are used, the process of self-injection of fat, where the doctor pumps the fat from areas of fatty density, such as the abdomen or the back according to the technique. Pfizer, then reinjected into the buttock area to obtain the desired size. Or the process of implantation of the buttock joints, which are silicone joints filled with silicone gel, which is a transparent and sticky liquid which is added to the back in order to give it greater volume.

2. Reduce the buttocks: the doctor performs liposuction and then performs the surgical procedure to tighten the buttocks by removing excess skin and excess fat.

Breast aesthetics for women

The breast is considered a sign of femininity in women, many women depend on the aesthetics of the breast, there are those who suffer from a large breast size and want to have a small and consistent breast, so they resort in the process of breast reduction and tightening, and there are others who suffer from small breast size Or its growth is not complete and they want to enlarge the breast and have an attractive appearance.

Breast augmentation process: It depends on adding safe medical silicone fillings called silicone gel fillings, or made from saline and known as saline fillings and similar in composition to the glands breasts that form the breasts, where they are placed in the breast to give a larger size.

Breast reduction and tightening process: This is a simple process by which the breast tissue is tightened by removing excess skin and sagging fat mass, in addition to reducing the size of the areola , then the doctor forms the breast in the desired shape to be consistent with the shape of the body.

● Cutting the stomach Many people suffer from overweight or obesity, so the process of cutting the stomach appeared to limit weight gain or obesity, as it attracted a large number of overweight people , because it is considered a simple and very safe process, which depends on the endoscope to cut the outside of the stomach. This represents about 80% of the total volume, which leads to the introduction of less food until the weight gradually decreases.

The advantages of cosmetic surgery in Turkey Turkey is interested in the field of medical tourism, so it has many ingredients that qualify it as the best for plastic surgery, compared to other European countries, where the advantages of plastic surgery in Turkey are listed in the following list:

1. Turkey has a group of the most qualified plastic surgeons in the world, holding local and international certificates, in particular in the field of aesthetic medicine.

2. Turkey strives to attract the latest technology used in all plastic surgery operations, which will facilitate the procedure and achieve the best results.

3. Turkey has many cosmetic centers, which provide integrated and separate services, as well as the best medical care and the best quality possible.

4. Most beauty centers offer complete cosmetic packages in terms of accommodation, transportation and interpretation.

5. The low cost of cosmetic procedures in Turkey, compared to other countries.

6. The presence of a suitable climate in summer and winter in Turkey, which contributes to the success of the cosmetic process.

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