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Hair transplant recovery and results: Is a hair transplant permanent?
last update date : 2022-11-22

Hair transplant surgery is a procedure that uses different micrografting technologies to implant hair follicles taken from a region of patients to areas with no hair. This operation is aimed at restoring lost hair in patients with medical issues or genetic causes. The following article discusses hair transplantation and its long-term impact in detail.   

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Is a hair transplant permanent?

Either using Fue hair transplant or Dhi hair transplant techniques, the procedure is considered time-consuming as the grafted follicles take time to regrow in the new area. In addition to the healing period which can extend between 6-12 months, hair transplantation can be classified as a prolonged procedure somehow. But, at the same time, the results of such a procedure are long-lasting and permanent in most cases.

Once the new hair starts to appear it will continue to fill the gaps in the scalp as natural hair. Nevertheless, that does not mean that there are no patients suffering from loss of the transplanted hair. The lifespan and the ability to the growth of the grafted follicles play a crucial role in determining the longevity of the results of the operation. 

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A Hair Transplant: What to Expect? 

  • Although the results of the hair transplantation are supposed to be permanent, the need for multiple sessions of the procedure considers one of the hair transplant side effects. 

  • Another main flaw the patient can suffer from after the operation is a hair transplant infection. Folliculitis can be treated by prescribed antibiotics. 

  • Sudden loss of the original hair in the area of the procedure can be noticed in some patients. This sign is called Shock loss after hair transplantation and it is temporary in most cases. 

  • To develop realistic expectations, patients have to discuss the positive and negative consequences of the procedure with their doctors. 

 hair transplant in turkey 2023

Hair transplant recovery: 

The healing process after a hair transplant goes through several stages: 

  1. Immediately after surgery, the patient needs to wear bandages for a couple of days. Some pain and discomfort can be experienced that decrease gradually with OTC painkillers. 

  2. In case of folliculitis, the surgeon will prescribe a suitable antibiotic. 

  3. After the first stage of hair transplant recovery within the first week, many patients can return to their daily life routine. Some hair transplant scars can appear at this stage. 

  4. In the second stage through the next two to three weeks, the patient experiences transplanted hair loss to prepare the area for the new growth. 

  5. Hair transplant results can not appear until several months after the procedure. Most of the cases notice transplanted hair growth between 6-9 months after the operation. 

  6. To accelerate hair growth many doctors tend to prescribe drugs that improve hair growth after the transplantation. 

Hair transplant results month by month:

The results of hair transplantation take on average 6-12 months to manifest clearly. Through this period, patients go through many changes that will be clarified as follows:

As the article mentioned, the early recovery period occupied the first week to 10 days after the procedure. In this period initial healing took place in the form of pinhead scabs in the area of transplantation. Most of the symptoms in this period disappear with time.

 One month after the surgery the patient may experience sudden hair loss. Shock loss can include the transplanted and donor areas. This loss starts to appear within 3 weeks but that is not the case for every patient. Some precautions can be followed in order to reduce shock loss such as massaging the area to stimulate blood circulation and motivate hair growth. 

During this period the regrowth of the transplanted hair starts. The new hair appears firstly as thin hair that becomes thicker with time. The average rate of hair regrowth is 1 centimeter per month. 

The new hair continues to grow and thicken, but the noticeable change after 6 months is the improved hair density in the area of the procedure. Hair coverage of the bald area is observed clearly at this stage. 

Within one year of the operation, and depending on the area of transplantation, the patient can have the final results that would be permanent. Some patients may need more time to notice the ultimate results. The patient from now on can enjoy a natural hair look with ideal hair density. 

 hair transplant in turkey 2023

How long does hair transplant last?

The grafted hair follicles will play exactly the same role as normal hair follicles. This is to say that normal hair loss or thinning can be expected with time as the cells are aging. But that does not mean experiencing complete hair loss or recession of the hairline. Follow-up sessions can be needed after 10-15 years to check the results and help avoid experiencing hair loss again. 

The patient needs to take into consideration that the expected lifespan of the surgery depends largely on the professionality of the caregivers and the best hair transplant technique to use. Hair transplantation in Turkey provides a great opportunity to have high-quality medical service at the most suitable hair transplant cost.


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