Are tummy tuck results permanent?

A tummy tuck is a surgical procedure that is also called abdominoplasty. As its name shows, a tummy tuck is an aesthetic surgery in the abdomen to remove excess fat tissues and skin and tighten the ar

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Is a dental implant painful?

Recently, dental implants became one of the main choices in dental prostheses that restore the missing tooth without the need for preparing the adjacent teeth.  Dental implant treatment includes

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Breast implant in turkey

For different reasons, many patients need to enlarge their breasts through specialized fillers in a procedure called breast implant or breast augmentation. This article focuses on this aesthetic proce

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What liposuction technique is best?

Excessively accumulated fat in the body is one of the problems that affect the mental and physical health of patients, especially if it can not be handled by traditional ways such as exercise and diet

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Zirconia Crown in Turkey

In order to overcome the shortcomings of several dental prosthodontics, recent dental treatment procedures tend to use zirconium crown as one of the most updated dental restorations. The following art

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A complete guide about gastric banding

Contents What you need to know about Gastric Band What is the Gastric Band process? Are you the right candidate for the gastric band operation? What are the benefits and dr

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All the details about thigh lift surgery for men

You may learn all you need to know about how to shape a man's thighs right here. The handbook for Thigh lift in males was produced by doctors, was evaluated by professionals, and contains only fa

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Breast augmentation disadvantages

The desire for bigger breasts or the need for breast reconstruction following accidents or tumor removal procedures have made breast augmentation one of the most common cosmetic procedures performed b

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All about buttock lift surgery

The goal of a thigh lift, sometimes referred to as a buttock lift, is to enhance the look of the thighs by removing extra skin and fat. People who have loose skin around their legs owing to various

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