Pre & Post hair transplant instructions

You might be lucky enough to choose the right medical center which can ensure a successful hair transplant, as they have a professional medical team and adopt the latest techniques in the hair transpl

The pros and cons of dental implant

Is a dental implant really worth it? A common question has still been raised among a lot of people around the world who suffer from dental issues and look for an ideal dental procedure. Although denta

Beard hair transplant in Turkey 2021

Hair transplant is not just limited to restoring hair scalp, but it can also work powerfully to regrow your beard and fill bald patches over your chin. Beard hair transplant is commonly performed in T

Gastric sleeve operation in Turkey 2021

Nowadays, gastric sleeve surgery has become a completely safe operation, especially if you perform it in a place where experienced doctors and advanced medical equipment are available, such as Turkey.

Botox injection in Turkey 2021

Botox injection has become a very common procedure that has several uses in the medical field, however, it is more popular as a cosmetic treatment for facial skin. Here, in this article, we will expla

Nefertiti Neck Lift in Turkey 2021

Nefertiti lift has been an ideal cosmetic procedure for women who want to get a youthful and thin neck contour. Here in this article, we will talk about Nefertiti lift as one of the cosmetic procedure

Texas jawline filler in Turkey 2021

Not everyone is blessed with the shape of his/her chin, some people have a weak jawbone due to certain genetics, and others might lose their chin definition as the skin starts to lose its elasticity a

Buttock augmentation in Turkey

Although performing buttock augmentation has become a safe and easy plastic procedure nowadays, you still need to choose the right country and medical clinic which can offer it. Turkey has emerged as

Dermal Filler injection in Turkey

Many people want more youthful facial skin, but they don't prefer the surgical option, including facelift. Here in this article, we will highlight dermal filler injection as one of the powerful no

Facelift in Turkey

When it comes to a facelift, Turkey becomes among the top popular countries which anyone can think about to perform safe surgery with guaranteed results. Here in this article, we will give you detaile

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