The effect of tabacco and food on hair

Table of contents Does tobacco have an effect on the hair? Cigarette smoke causes alopecia The diet and the biology of our hair food and hair Specific needs trace elements and mineral

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Can a facelift eliminate acne scars?

summary What is facelift Can a facelift remove acne scars Acne Scar Treatment Chemical peel Derma Roller Technology Micro-needling Filler injections What is facelift A faceli

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Why do celebrities do cosmetic surgery?

In summary: • Stars and cosmetic surgery • The difference between cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery • The advantages and disadvantages •Benefits •Inconvenien

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The effect of plastic surgery on women's psyche and self-confidence

 Ages, which constituted a real obsession for most women, especially those looking for captivating beauty. He may be right; Cosmetic surgeries help turn back the clock and give women a more youth

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Aesthetics and psychology

Table of contents A dichotomy between the perceived image and the returned image Accept yourself better, to live better with others Cosmetic surgery on a case-by-case basis

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Body lift in Turkey

In this article, we will discuss body lift surgery in Turkey. We would like to explain this operation in more detail, mentioning its types, candidates, benefits, instructions, and body lift cost in Tu

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liposuction in Turkey

Obesity is one of the most important health challenges facing individuals and communities today. This is due to the significant changes in the nature of the diet, changing working systems, and relianc

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Cosmetic surgeries in Turkey 2022

The popularity of plastic surgery in Turkey has recently increased widely, as it is no longer restricted to women only, but has become widespread among men as well. The most common plastic surgeries

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What does qualify you for a tummy tuck?

You might be one of those people who suffer from excess skin and fat around your abdomen. You might also do your best to get a flat, firm tummy, but your body gets in the way of that, whatever exercis

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