All you need to know about the fat transfert process

A cosmetic surgery called fat injections is used to move fat from one part of the body to another. Many people dislike how huge certain physical parts, such the hips, abdomen, or buttocks, are. The

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Arm lift surgery details

Sagging skin and decreased suppleness can be caused by a variety of factors, including severe weight loss, age, and heredity. The skin on the arm is one of the areas that is impacted by this issue.

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Fibroplast technology to fight the effects of aging

The majority of people are afraid of aging symptoms, which can only be avoided by taking the appropriate steps. However, a lot of individuals avoid having surgery to restore their youth because they a

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Laser treatment of varicose veins and heavy legs

According to studies, many people, particularly women, struggle with the issue of varicose veins developing in their legs or in other parts of the body. And because everyone aspires to look their b

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Ear reduction surgery stages, results and risks

Centents Ear reduction surgery orview Befor ear surgery Risks associated with ear reduction surgery After surgery, recovery Side effects of ear surgery Results of ear s

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Everything you need ahead of your breast reduction surgery

Overview women breast reduction surgery involves the removal of extra fat from the breasts in order to reduce their size and improve their look. It is a highly frequent practice; for cosmetic or

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Breast Implant Replacement or Removal

Breast implants often last a long period and are stable, however they frequently don't. You should consider the possibility of having the grafts removed or replaced while thinking about breast

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The placement of the front teeth ,conditions, steps, types and risks

Many situations may necessitate dental installation due to the occurrence of tooth loss for a variety of medical and health reasons, or as a result of tooth exposure to an injury, or due to the natura

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Treatment of gums descending on the teeth due to orthodontics

Orthodontics is one of the ways of reestablishing the tasteful appearance of the teeth and acquire consistency, yet a few issues might happen because of not introducing it appropriately or not focus

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