My liposuction journey in Turkey

Hi, I am Mervet, since I know that telling others your experience with plastic surgery can be very helpful and enlightening, I would love to talk about my experience with liposuction at Mira clinic in

My experience with Hollywood smile in Turkey

Hi, I am Nadia from Algeria, I would like to share my story of a Hollywood smile journey with you. My smile has changed completely after I visited Mira clinic, which in turn reflects positively on my

VASER liposuction technique in Turkey

You might be at a comfortable weight, but you have stubborn fat in some areas of your body that don't respond to your rigid diet and exercise. Maybe it is time to consider VASER liposuction. In th

My hair transplant experience in Turkey

I am Muhammed in my mid-30s, and I would like to share with you my experience with hair transplants at Mira clinic in Turkey. It was really a life-changing journey for me after hair loss spread over m

How to choose the best dentist in Turkey

No escape from the dentist, even if you take care of your oral health daily, you are most likely to experience teeth problems over time. Regular dental checkups can protect you from dental diseases an

Post & Pre-operative Instruction for Plastic Surgery

When you decide to have plastic surgery, choosing the right plastic surgeon is very important to make sure you are in safe hands and ensure great results. However, getting your favorable outcome also

Pre & Post hair transplant instructions

You might be lucky enough to choose the right medical center which can ensure a successful hair transplant, as they have a professional medical team and adopt the latest techniques in the hair transpl

The pros and cons of dental implant

Is a dental implant really worth it? A common question has still been raised among a lot of people around the world who suffer from dental issues and look for an ideal dental procedure. Although denta

Beard hair transplant in Turkey 2021

Hair transplant is not just limited to restoring hair scalp, but it can also work powerfully to regrow your beard and fill bald patches over your chin. Beard hair transplant is commonly performed in T

Gastric sleeve operation in Turkey 2021

Nowadays, gastric sleeve surgery has become a completely safe operation, especially if you perform it in a place where experienced doctors and advanced medical equipment are available, such as Turkey.

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